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Logan Lake?

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Will be in the area fishing a couple lakes and am looking into a few others...logan lake is one of them...used to be some lunkers in there, anyone have recent time on this lake...?

Any other suggestions for bigger fish in the area...? Like I said, am already slated to hit a few other lakes, but am looking for some trully big fish that aren't so fickle as those in Pass or Kidd...

Pm if necessary, thanks in advance...

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hey Rib

take a fish finder with you for Logan Lake as it will help you alot with locating them as thay lake can be quite fickle at times

also MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE NEW FISHING STORE IN LOGAN LAKE they should some good info for the surrounding lakes

if you hit Tunkwa try a green damsel trolled slow :) and the other usual flies

hey rib there are some large fish in logan as u can only one per day, my best one on was about ten and i,ve landed a six all in about ten minutes on an afternoon from the shore at the campsite. fishing had been all screwed up from the extreme weather change that took plkace that year, we arrived in snow and left three days later in 22c temps. weird. largest i've heard of was a 14 lb
Hey Rib, heard a rumour that Logan had a major fish kill. I would check with the boys at reaction in Logan Lake for details....

Yep, big winter kill only small fish in there right now. It will take a few years for that fishery to come back. :'(

We'll stick to Tunkwa Rib, we'll get onto them. ;) :thumbup:

Tight Lines, Nates
I look forward to a good report boys. I'll be up in the Loops area on Sat. :happy: Have fun guys!

Finder ;)
Hey Finder - you know I'll be there in spirit! :'(
Sorry you can't join us FFM. We'll hook up when you get back.

Finder ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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