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I will admit, that i have never been much of a fishermen.When i was a lad, sure i got a catfish here and there,but never anything else.
Now iam in my early 40's ,and i still know nothing,perhaps there is experienced fishermen out there ,who could teach me ,how to fish.

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well beginner you made your first step by joining this site :thumbup:
The is a world of experience and knowledge shared on this site
Along with a few tails here and there :happy:
But thats fishermans tails :happy: :happy:
Give us some info and maybe one or two of us can help you out
I have got so much from this site that i don't mind giving back to help someone get off on the right foot
and many of the guys i know on this site are willing to help others where they can :D
Where do you want to fish ???
How far can you travel ???
What gear do you have ???
What do you want to fish for ???
do you have a fishing licence
the more info the better
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