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Hello Everyone,

Following on our success last year of the Deaf family learn to fish event at the Fraser Valley trout Hatchery we will be running the second annual event August 6, 2016.

This event is aimed at providing access to the learn to fish program with the use of American sign language interpreters, allowing the Deaf individuals access to information in their own language.

I helped the Family Network for Deaf children/Deaf Youth Today https://www.fndc.ca/ organize the event. Last year we had about 40 people fish through a huge rainstorm in the middle of summer and everyone had a blast.

Mark from Big Valley Sportfishing Adventures http://www.bigvalleysportfishing.com/
donated his time, expertise,boat and bait and provided a 4 hour trip for a lucky Deaf man and his two kids and an interpreter on board. They got into a couple sturgeon and had a great day on the river learning about fishing in BC.

The event costs a bit of money to put on due to the cost of entry to the hatchery learn to fish program as well a providing interpreters and lunch.

We are looking for donations of the following things to try and help offset some of the cost and make it accessible to more families:

- Cash - you can donate here https://www.fndc.ca/donate and specify that you want it to go to the Family fishing day.

- Hamburgers/hotdogs/buns/condiments/chips/drinks

- fishing or outdoor related door prizes ( does anyone know where how to get those beginner fishing rod setups that they give away at other events?)

- gift cards for any of the above

- fuel gift card, to put towards covering the cost of possible prize trip.

I am also looking for some/any media coverage of the event to try and promote the FNDC/DYT and possibly get them some more funding.

Send me a message if you are able to help or know someone that can.

Thanks for reading!

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