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Had some fun on Loon Lake yesterday - nice little lake with stocked bows/cutts.
Lots of chronmd. emergers and fish were nailing them from 11am - 3pm.
Fish get up to about 40cms - at least the largest I caught.
easy access off Hwy 4.

It was nice to have a dryfly day and watch trout sip and slash at this imitation. I suspect that a smaller pattern may have worked better.
After missing a few, I slowed down my strike and tried to ignore the adrenaline... and was successful.
After catching and successfully releasing 10 or so.....I started to experiment with strike timing.
Eventually, I just left the fly on its own.....and let the fish hit and take it under...wondering if the fish would self-set the hook- barbless.
The 'sippers' who suck the fly off the surface would reject it quickly but the more aggressive 'slashers' would set the hook themselves.
I was curious if the sippers were larger fish who were more selective and slashers smaller, more aggressive and less selective.
Couldn't see much of a difference in size- likely a result of the lack of range in size of the fish. Most fish were 30 - 35 cms.
Smallest was 25 cms and largest 40cms.

I used a mayfly "cripple" imitation - #12-14.
about 9-10' of 4x tippet.

it was a good opportunity to watch the midges come to the surface and wiggle out of their pupae case and take flight.
Didn't try any chronmds down off the bottom as the dry action was too much fun to ignore.

Loon Lake is also called summit Lake and is located at the on Hwy.#4 between Qualicum & P.Alberni.
This is great spot to take kids as they can fish off shore with spinning gear.
Best to take a little pontoon boat for flyfishing.
Water was quite warm so I suspect it won't last long before fish look for cooler water.


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Fishmonger: Hey......thanks......I will take a walk down the tracks and see if I can find it.
I see on the map, there is another lake in that direction...thanks again.
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