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Loon Lake

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heading up there on Canada day long wkend, and was wondering if there has been any feed back on what is working for trolling the lake... as in what colors and type of bait and so on....

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Is that the Loon Lake by Cache Creek MIke ... or the other one???

yes the one by cache creek

sorry my bad... :oops:
Info from a buddy from Kamloops (couple of weeks old) but I think it is a constant ....... if you are trolling hardware (I'm guessing) all you need is a Willow Leaf 12 - 24"ahead of a wedding ring & worm. Zig Zag the lake to vary the depth and speed of your presentation.

When the fishings on those piggies just love the night crawlers. Years ago, (actually years and years ago <lol>) a flat fish worked pretty good too.

If you are into fly fishing try the weed beds at the end of the lake where you fist come in from Cache Creek.


i fish that lake about twice a year. more of a trolling lake than flyfishing. trolling shrimp, spratley's, leeches and bead head pheasant tail nymphs has always produced for me. with this heat snap you'll have to go down deep with a fast sink line. if you don't flyfish, two torpedo weights 3-4 ft up from a balck speckedled or "skunk" flatfish works wonders. i used to do that before i started flyfishing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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