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put the boat in at fort langley and fished from there to duncan bar....got skunked :drunk: Oh well, it was a great day on the water and we all had a good time. I had a 00 spin n glo orange with mylar wings and procured coho roe as well as some salted stuff form Berry's. We fished Duncan and 2-bit for about 3 hours each and a few other spots for an hour or so. I was using a 3 ounce pyramid weight and 36" 25# leader. In the morning it was on a spreader bar then I went to a 3-way swivel in the afternoon. Saw a good number of springs being pulled out of nets so I think I must be doing something wrong :'( :'( any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have Thursday thru Monday off work so I plan to hit this section of water pretty hard and would really like to get my first spring on the lower fraser :happy:

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