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I know that fishfreak put in a report but I thought that I would put it here.

Well searun, guppy and myself decided to meet up with fishfreak at a bar on the lower fraser for some fishing this afternoon. I decided to take the bar rod, flyrod and spinning gear just to have it all covered. When we got down there the tide was out so I decided to set up the bar gear. I put on some fire red pro-cured roe with a pink spin-n-glow. Had a few hits but nothing really stuck. Then out of no where the rod starts again and then BAM. The rod slams down, I set the hook and this 4-5 foot sturgeon comes flying out of the water. The battle was pretty good and it kept coming in then running out for a good 15-20 min when it finally decides to come in for fish freak to tail. When I finally got a hold of the fish I then realized there was a crowd that had gathered as most have never seen a sturgeon. Searun snapped a few good pics( I will post as soon as I get them) and we quickly released it but not before it got it's revenge by giving me a cut on the hand. But it was worth it as this was the biggest sturgeon that I have hooked ( never targeted sturgeon).

I was sure surprised when it hit as I did not think that sturgeon would hit pro-cured roe especially with a spin-n-glow.

Here is the pictures

So here is me fighting it

Here is one of fishfreak and I

And here is one of just me
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