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Lower Mainland Carp fishing a query and some interesting ideas

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I Love all types of fishing, the river lake and sea my family tell me are “Dad’s Church” One of the species I particularly enjoy are big carp. The reason being that, like lake trout, these big carp become very smart fish. Particularly if regularly fished for. Also to note that I enjoy developing cost effective fishing techniques and tackle, that work.

I live in Ladner BC and would be interested in connecting with other carp chasers in Vancouver in order to learn from you.

The query first

Where could I I fish for carp within a 30 km radius of Ladner in the lower Mainland. This could also include private properties who would charge a rod fee?

Some Interesting Stuff about Carp, bait and tackle you might want to try.

1. Carp taste good if you know this

They only taste muddy if you catch them when it’s hot outside and do not kill and cool them in ice water quickly.This is because of a stress hormone that is release in the hot weather. If prefer the meat of a cool carp to salmon for texture and taste. This is based on research the Australian government did in order to encourage people to kill, catch and eat this invasive species see

2. Carp have fantastic eye sight use home made bright yellow fake foam corn

This is even so in muddy water and are strongly attracted to bright colours, especially bright yellow. I therefore always use two piece of “artificial corn” I cut from foam ear plugs on my hair rigs. Even if you loose your bait the carp will still inhale your fake corn which is so much brighter and bigger than real sweet corn. Keep the juice from the canned corn and soak it up with the fake foam corn just before you cast. See pictures


3. Carp have a phenomenal sense of smell spice up your bait.

they will bite far more aggressively if this is stimulated. (Carp can live on food that is spicy enough to hospitalize us.) Therefore try mixing lots of chilly flakes in with the bait, if you add a generous glug of vodka or any other spirit to the mix the scent will disperse even better. Don’t use rubbing alcohol the fish hate it and it will poison both of you.

The only reason that this powerful baiting method is often not popular is that while out fishing many people do not thoroughly wash their hands. You have to be careful where you are touch yourself after baiting up!. If you don’t wash your hands well you will burn in piscatorial hell for the rest of the day. I speak from experience!

Lastly people often say to me “You go to all this trouble to catch carp?” I say depends how many big fish you want to catch. If you want big carp you will collect understand, utilize and test all of the best practices possible. Great carp fishing is really not that different from living a great life...:)

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There are carp all over Ladner. The sloughs have a healthy population
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