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Lund-lubber finally lands a spring!

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Last Friday, myself, my son, my friend Mark and his son Nicholas (in the picture), ventured out at O'dark-30 to Grassy and got a decent spot mid-bar, towards the lower-end. I was amazed all day long looking down river at the sea of humanity on the lower bar, but I digress.

For once, we were the boat catching the fish. The last time Mark and I were out, we were the only boat NOT catching fish. Such is fishing.

Mark hooked his first sockeye within an hour of arriving. A nice 9lb'er. Then the fun really started (for me, anyhow) when I hooked my first ever Spring. It put up a good fight for about 20 minutes or so and I managed to bring it to the boat without much trouble or unhooking the boat and drifting. A quick check on the scale read a decent 25lbs. Not bad for my first....pop goes the cherry.

The fun continued throughout the day. There were definitely some quiet times when nothing much was going on, but steadily Mark got another. Then Nicholas landed his first sockeye ever, then another. Next was my son's turn. Not only his first sockeye, but probably his biggest fish ever. Sadly, dumb dad forgot to take a picture of his own son with his first salmon. Photoshop time. Both boys are 10, so we were pretty happy to see them having so much fun, even when they were more interested in playing with their Lego than fishing during the quiet times.

By about 1pm, we were bushed. We packed it in a headed out to the parking lot that was the #1 Hwy Friday afternoon. I'm sure it took us twice as long to get back to Abby as it normally would.

On a side note, I want to acknowledge a very nice couple in the boat down from us. We went to shore to clean a couple fish, and when we pushed off to go back to our spot, we screwed up and our boat (an outboard) drifted on down stream in shallow water and I wasn't fast enough to get us back out. Instead, we drifted down into their boat :oops: We prevented any major damage to the boats by simply holding ourselves off one another and we did get it all figured out, but only after the weight of my boat against his, pushed him off his mooring and down river a bit. I felt like a total dick and was embarrassed as hell, as you can imagine. Anyhow, I apologized profusely and we moved back to our spot.

This guy was amazing. It didn't phase him in the least. It was no big deal that some dork just about ruined his, and his lady's day.

If you're reading this, my hat's off to you for your consideration. Thank you for making what could have been a pretty nasty dust up with the wrong person, into a relatively minor occurence. It was most appreciated. If you see me out there again, don't run away, come over and have a beer on me :D

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Sounds like a pretty good day. And both your boys got into some fish. You sound like a proud dad. My boy of 3 got into his first rainbow trout (with a little of my help holding the flyrod while he reeled it in himself) on Mill Lake in late June during the Mill Lake Derby. I was so proud of him. I can't wait until he's big enough to salmon fish with me. I need a boat though, first.

Congratulations to you and your crew on the good day of fishing.

On Sunday my Dad (Chemsdad) was out with me and the boys. He's from Alberta so for him to fish even for 8 days cost him alot of money. Anyhow, he's been coming out every summer for the past five years with hope of bringing sockeye. Sunday he landed a sockeye and his first spring ever. It was his first chinook and he was psyched. Can you tell by the smile on his face. The fishing for us was slow considering but he was the most successful in our boat of four.

Dad's sockeye

Dad's chinook
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Wow! My first Chinook !!

Yes, I am B-Daddy's Dad

I am yet "coming down" from the "high" one gets when he lands his first Chiook. Thrillled is a very shallow word to expressed what happen in me when I landed that Chinook which you see. Since I am from Calgary, Aberta, this is what I have been desiring for the past five years. The cost of an out of resident license is minimal compared to the excitement of such a catch on both accounts: the sockeye and the chinook. I may get out again with the gang before going back to Calgary.

Excellent stuff! Yeah there aren't many thrills like one's first Chinook...my first tyee as a 15 year old had me shaking like a leaf for 2 hours afterwards...the grin on my face took even longer to go away! Cheers to a good story! WELL DONE DAD!

-Nathan in NW :D
That's absolutely fantastic to see the smile on your face after catching your first Chinook. Guessing you've probably caught the "fishing bug" now. Hope it 's the first of many to come.

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