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I will be in Mackenzie from June 14th thru July 8th -
anyone familiar with all the "pothole" lakes what dot the shore of Williston Lake?

Other suggestions near there?

I was thinking of maybe stopping at Carp Lake on my way from P.G. to mackenzie... good option?


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Carp Lake

Good luck! Carp can be really good or horrible. You have to know where to fish. The ex and I went out for two hours and caught our limit, yet there were people we had spoken to who had spent the day out on the water and only caught 1 or 2. I don't generally like to give away a good spot, but seeing as I don't have access to a boat, I won't be going there any time soon...head straight out from the docks and look for a small island (it is more like a rock sticking out of the water with a few plants on it). It will be to your right. Troll back and forth around it, I guarantee it is THE spot to go. The rainbows were hitting hard on an orange and yellow spin and glow, weighted down with 3 oz. We also had a red wedding band out with 2 oz. That one didn't do as well, but still caught plenty. Happy fishing!
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