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What can I do?

So far the corporation proposing this development has not recieved approval from the provincial government for any part of this power project. The BC government has recently started a review process of their proposal to clear the power line right-of-way through the park.

Make your voice heard!

The comment period for the public is open until april 2, 2008. Please take a minute to submit your comments:

Boundary Change Pinecone Burke
C/O BC Parks
PO Box 9398, STN. Prov. Govt
Victoria, BC, V8W9M9

email: [email protected]
Fax: 1-250-387-5757

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i still cant believe they are actually considering doing this :'( :'( :'(

i will be sending a letter when i can think of something good to day and without profanity :beerchug:

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This is the letter i just sent to them...lol...

Hello I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say. I have lived along the fraser River most of my life & have fished & boated along it forever..

I must put in my 2 cents & say sure these power companies may line yer pockets with few $$ Bucks but please consider what you are doing to the natural beauty & the fish of that area. they will kill off so much. So please take a trip up along this fine peace of land & see for yourself what will happen.. God gave us this earth to help us Not so we could destroy it for our own personal gain. Your goin to hell my friend I just wish you would save this part of land & stop these power companies & who knows mabey save a bit of your soul as well..

Take care & remember this letter the next time you tell your kids to go out & play. ( they soon wont have anywhere to play at this rate


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