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mamquam pinks?

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I was at the mamquam yesterday fishing for dollys and saw tons of pinks. talking to a dfo, apparantly they have an even year run now. has anybody else heard of this? they were all over.
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:? :? :? :? :shock: :shock: :shock: ....what???
oh yah! its worth a try if you know the system
there is always a even year run in most of the systems as I understand, there are just a lot fewer fish. definately worth a try.
fished the Mamquam all day today. no sign of pinks. no sign of springs. lots of trout, landed three, better than a kick upside the head I guess! checked out the Cheakamus, pretty much unfishable, pretty high, and only about 6 inches vis, a real gear grabbber.
I won't go near the cheak or squamish til at least mid september.Sounds like a nice day with the trout though.

October will hopefully bring in some fresh chum on the fly! :wink:
Oh boy so looking forward to those Chum on the fly :D
what about the indian river (up indian arm) for pinks? my buddy's got a whaler he wants to take up there for the day. is there still a run but just smaller, thanks.
I'm thinking the Indian run is very small...wait till 2007's pinks. But hey...you could try it out anyway! If anything, it's still a beatiful place to hang out and do some beach hopping! Cheers! -Nathan in NW
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