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Mamquam-Squamish rivers monday 13th

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I had a chance to fish with RIBWART and STEELIETRAV on monday we hit the squamish/mamquam we all did ok on a piece of water we have never fished b4 lotsa chum to be had! Very cool to fish with adam and travis great bunch of guys to fish with! We will do it again on a different piece of water nextweekend boys!!!! Steelietrav is going to write a story on the days events that took place in Ortho's story thread as well as pic's of the surroundings as well was a great day and i hope we can do it again soon!!!! very cold day wind, rain for most of the day but good to get out none the less!

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good to hear it was worth it .... nice area to fish, huh...even better that the chum are chrome and fiesty as hell!
Looks like a TON of rain there between today and this coming sunday..

"From Wednesday overnight to Thursday overnight we expect : 25-35 cm of snow and 20-30 mm of rain."

Think it will be OK to fish sunday ? That's my next shot.
Hope for snow first and cooler temperatures so the snow sticks...the snow has the ability to soak up some of that rain, so the rivers won't swell as fast.
Does Bubba have a shrimpin boat ? I like shrimp, could eat'em all day!

Cheers Marko :D
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Sweetbubbalove is a buddy of mine...he hasn't posted since the site crashed way back when...not one for posting much are ya bubba??? Heck of a good rod though...

got shrimp? :wink:
Welcome back sweetbubbalove!

Does Bubba have a shrimpin boat ? I like shrimp, could eat'em all day!
Me too :D
Where we fishing tomorrow boys?
Squamish and Cheakamus, back home to watch the game!!!
I was out there today. Lost count of how many fish I caught. All Chums though.
Did't see any Coho.
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