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Given that O2 saturation levels in rivers are the key to the health and movement of fish perhaps it is time to do things a little differently.

For instance when the water temp is too high and the O2 saturation reaches a point low enough that the fish must head for deep pools then perhaps closures should be automatic.

The Fraser River is the best example of this problem. The fish that have made it into the river need to move up stream much more slowly and are much easier to target because they are not just blasting up the river. If you watch fish under stress moving in a warm river they breath much more frequently and are much easier to floss when moving slowly with their yap open. The resident fish like sturgeon, cutthroat, rainbows and char are just as much under stress when caught during low O2 periods. So complete river closure is called for not just "salmon" closures.

Back in the 1960's when it was legal to fish below Stamp falls in the canyon water we used to floss the heck out of salmon holding in warm water and convinced ourselves that we were "sport fishing". Of course I was 14 years old at the time and didn't know any better.

Personally if the water temp in a river reaches over 65f on average I do not fish period. This is an ethical decision that I made years ago.

I know there are many here who share this view.

It would not at all be a hardship if we all got together and pushed to encourage each other not to fish under these conditions.

Instead wait until things cool down. It is not worth taking a chance and stressing to death these magnificent sport fish. Instead go out to Elk Lake and the like and bonk as many perch and bass as you can!
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