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Well hit the Ved again Friday
wow lots of guys arround it was more like Coho season
seen lots hooked up many lost a few hatch landed and a few wild released

I came across one guy cleaning a 18lb+ male hatch(nice fish)

seen one guy hook a nice wild fish
he decided he wanted a pic
as the fish tired out after many runs
he proceeds to get his cell out and asks a guy near by can you take a pic
taking the time to explain how to use the cell while still keeping pressure on the fish
The guy could not work the cell
so he gets another guy to take a pic with it
by now the fish is rolling on it side (tired out)
he picks up the fish poses for a pic then finaly releases it :wallbash:

I hooked into one big one that gave me some good head shakes
took off for a run and snapped my main line :wallbash:

I hook into another later on and this time i slip off the log i was standing on the rod dips and off it goes :wallbash:

Still it was fun getting into a couple of fish

lots of them arround you just have to hunt them down 8)

Water clarity was clear
Bait of choice for me was Jenson egg with a bit of wool
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