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Well i hit the river again today
got there arround 7am
took a look down at the canal
not so many guys today
No fish thats why :thumbup: :thumbup:
they have all moved up river :thumbup:
So up river i went
got talking to this guy that was renting a cabin
he said that he was getting fish most days
Today it was a bit colored so low visability
just how i like it
means the fish will venture into the shallow water
I had made a pass through this run and was on my second pass(different presentation)
the guy i was talking to asked if he could go below me
sure i said
Three casts later he has a fish on :thumbup:
nice wild doe
he starts working his way down the run and i follow
Then its my turn float goes down
fish on
another nice wild doe
He had two more hits and so did i but nothing after that
Another guy walking by stops for a chat and says he hit two wild ones higher up river
I was a nice day out sunshine here and there just kept the chill off
here are two shots of my fish


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Re: Another one today

Yeh no seal marks on this one :D

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and i do ;D but im trying to get one for dinner now cause my g/f's parents keep stealing them :confused: her mom loves the taste of steel.

when the crowds thin out in April you will see me out there with the spey alot more. especially after i learn a few more things at the M&Y spey clave :thumbup:
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