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Was out with my son visiting grandpa in Nazko, and decide to try our luck on Marmot Lake.
The sun was shining brightly, a slight ripple across the water from a nice breeze and fish showing all along the rushes and plant life, to about 20 or 30 ft out. My 6 yr old son went with the traditional red and white bobber (why mess with tradition?) and worm, and worked on his casting. I went with a floating line on a 5 wt, and a rapidly shrinking 15 ft taper leader, due to some branches. From my earlier experience, green is the colour of choice on this lake, so I went with an olive green Cary Special, a couple of slow retrieves, and tap TAP...WHOA..WHAT was that?
Something big around here me thinks...
I see him moving among the weeds, slashing, and trying to knock a few insects from the shoreline plants, I cast past his path of anticipated travel, make a couple gentle strips to get his attention, and BANG...FISH ON!!!! He was a powerful speciman of around 4 1/2 - 5 lbs. Looked to be a post spawn male, with an absolutely stunning display of colour, that somehow seemed to fit right in with beautiful colours of the trees as they prepare for a winter in the Nazko Valley. A great day with my son, in a beautiful setting in the last days of summer, truly a moment I will treasure will for a while as we move towards fall and winter.
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