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Fishing Report for May 1st , 2007

Fraser River
The mighty Fraser River has begun to rise considerably in the last week, along with the drastic rise in water levels is the increased debris that is in the water.
I urge all boaters and anglers to be extremely careful at this time, hitting a slightly submerged log or having one hang up on your anchor can be deadly. Fiberglass boats should NOT be running the river right now and prop boat users should always carry a spare.
Time will tell if we are to see large scale flooding of the Fraser Valley, lets hope not and perhaps this scare will see communities better prepared for any future flood events.

Sturgeon Fishing
The Sturgeon fishing has been very good of late. We had a brief slow spell after the river rose quickly and water temps dropped but that all changed and great days are being had by our clients. Many of the larger Sturgeon have been jumping clear of the water, providing thrills for anglers and guide.
The last few trips we have caught some good size White Sturgeon, our biggest being a 7’8” beast that client Steve Shipley man handled to the beach in 27 minutes. That day saw 15 fish to the boat , with many in the 5 foot plus category, all landed by Steve, excepting a couple of smallies that his great wife Catherine wrestled in.
They make them tough over in Manchester England- Great work Steve!
My best advice is to work over the fish with many baits to see what is working, we have been getting action on roe, smelts, dew worms, lamprey, and ditch eels.
Mornings have been by far the best with little action during hard pulling tides.
We still have some days available for this great, spring, White Sturgeon fishing.
Give us a call and we can get you hooked up with a fantastic day of fishing for these amazing, hard fighting Sturgeon.

Another fine year of Steelhead fishing is coming to an end.
As April comes to a close, Steelhead opportunities are limited due to spring closures on most systems. There are a few exceptions to this spring closure and if you check the regulations you can find those opportunities.

2006-2007 was an excellent year for Steelhead fishing. Anglers who were willing to work hard, cover lots of water and adapt to the high water conditions were rewarded with some great days and some very large Steelhead.
I’d like to thank all the folks who joined us for trips on local waters this year and hope that the experience was both fun and educational and will increase your success on future outings.
On the topic of Steelhead fishing, it is very rewarding for Bent Rods to see so many anglers having success using or line of Steelhead jigs. As the year progressed we made adjustments to our pattern selection and these changes made for some huge success on the local scene. With the Vedder River running quite dirty at times, we made brightly colored and larger profile jigs, that were the key to success.
I was quite proud when an angler that purchased some jigs from me at the Abbottsford Tradex show, called to purchase more and relayed a story of his first ever Steelhead. It was an estimated 20 lb fish hooked on the Vedder River, using a Bent Rods jig and hooked behind a handful of experienced Steelheaders, great story.
As we discovered years ago, Steelhead are absolutely crazy for a well presented jig and as anglers in the BC discover this as well, a whole new angling experience will be enjoyed. Like with fly fishing, jig fishing allows the angler to spend countless hours at the vice, designing new creations to temp the Steelhead. This added element of creating your own lures is a huge part of the satisfaction of catching a Steelhead.

Bent Rods has now begun selling “do it yourself” kits , which include all the hardware to have you tying jigs on your own. We also have an instructional on “tying your own jigs” on our website and this can be a great help at getting you started.
Look for Bent Rods Steelhead Jigs to be available in a wide variety of local tackle stores in the near future. We will also be stocking stores with our Salmon jigs in time for the upcoming Salmon runs. With the “PINKS” coming , nothing out produces Jigs for catching Pink salmon, either under a float or fished “twitching” style with no float, Pinks go “KOO KOO” for jigs.

May 1st also marks the beginning of the Trout season for many anglers, we are no exception.
Bent Rods is currently offering trips to “interior” lakes to fly fish for Kamloops rainbows.
Our list of lakes is vast and includes something for everyone, from lakes filled with small trout to “trophy” lakes with harder to catch monster trout, we can provide you with a memorable trip. We supply all equipment and camping gear for multi day trips and have a large variety of watercraft to make your trips a pleasure.

With colder than normal spring temperatures, many lakes in the “High Country” are still awaiting ice off. Look for lower elevation lakes and larger lakes to be ice free and fishing well. There are some great reports coming from Stump lake and a few of those close to Merritt lakes such as Marquart lake. Good luck to those who get out for early season trout fishing, it can be fast action with these hungry trout so willing to bite.

Local Fraser Valley lakes will continue to fish well at this time and there are many options in this regard. Consider a trip to large lakes such as the Allouette to try your hand at catching the ever plentiful “kokanee”, a very tasty and easy to catch fish, that can literally boil the water at times.

Have a wonderful Spring of fantastic fishing!

Bent Rods and tight lines!

For any member of BCFR I am offering a 10% discount on all sturgeon trips from now until freshet, keep in mind we have been averaging 10 fish a trip and quite a few fish in the 6 foot range. Come on out and enjoy the great spring Sturgeon fishery.
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