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Mercruiser Question

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Here is a question for you stern drive guys out there. I know have my first I/O, its a 1st generation Mercruiser 110HP. Now my question is, if I find that it lacks in power what are my options for upgrading the motor? Can I find a V6 (1st gen) and drop it right in place of the 110hp? Ideally I will be getting into a 180hp or similar.
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Find out what block it is (as the heads are really important, get them checkedand use the same ones) you can drop a new block in. check compression first. there could be a tonne of reasons why ya dont have much power?
Its not that the motor is not getting full power, it works quite well. My question is if I decide I want more power :thumbup: what upgrades can be done or what engine swaps can be done with the same leg?
Depending on your size of boat and what performance you are looking for, it can be greatly affected by the prop you have. I would be inclined to look at that before you go too far into replacing the block.
What gear set is in the unit? If you don't know that then a serial number of the drive will let me find out for you. Pending that and how much work and $ you really want to put into this project, technically any gm MARINE block will do. The gear set will determing how much power can be put to the drive and what prop to use. A 4.3L would be a nice upgrade but from experience stick with the carberated version and hope it is a mercruser or else there is a fair amount of monkey wrenching to adapt every thing. I would advise against any thing in the big blocks ( 454, 502) but a 4.3l or a 5.0l would be a nice upgrade. Also note that these are wider units than the straight you have now and motor mounts would have to be changed and the dog house may have to be altered. Let me know what serial number/ gear set you have and we can go from there. :beerchug:
Thanks....I'll get the serial number for you. The motor is a 110HP mounted in a 18.5ft aluminum FYI.
What brand of aluminum
It is a starcraft Alumi.

I can't find the serial number though?
it should be stamped right on the uppers ( the part from the gear case to the transom) The serial number and usually the gear ratio are there.
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