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methods of catching fall salmon?

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Just curiouse on what our members have used this fall to catch salmon? I'm sure there are some unreal stories on what methods were used and i myself and i'm sure other members would like to hear about it! Myself i'm a roe FLOAT/DRIFT fisherman for salmon with the odd wool tie up as well, but spinners and spoons of the blue fox type in brass and brass and orange boady has worked for me this year as well as a silver 1/4 oz spinner in frog water! Roe on the bottom on a slip sinker has also got me into a few coho this year! Whay about you guys? This should be intresting! ;D

I myself when drift fishing use a 10'6 Fenwick HMX And a 10'6 shimano convergance reel is an abu garcia 6500c3 line is 15lbs maxmia ultra green 8-10 lbs leader of the same line

And my trout rod i use to cast spinners and spoons for salmon in smaller streams is a Fenwick HMX 7 ft With a shimano reel loaded with 6lbs maxima ultra green

My go to spinners are brass metric 1/4 oz for coho
blue fox in 1/4 oz as well brass and silver for coho as well
spoons i use hammered brass or fire stripe gibbs 1/4 oz as well for coho

did excellent throwing hardware for coho this season!

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All my salmon fishing this fall was with spoons except for 2 weeks ago I changed over to jigs for chum. Had a great season ;D
I mainly float fish roe with my pin. Fishing pin for 1.5 yrs now and love it. Upgraded from my Trophy to a G-Loomis with the Okuma Aventa cp. Loaded with 15 maxima and 6- 10 lb leaders. Just picked up an 8'6" hmx with a shimano sedona 4000fb this season for my lures. Pretty wicked rod. Although I only managed 3 coho and one spring about 15 lbs. Not much luck with the hardware this season. :'(
Float fish roe gobs, bags, wool ties, blades...all on the same pin and rod now for 18 years or so. Have fished jigs, worms, spin n glows, corkies, dew worms and a few other things over the years also, but those first few items are my staples. Before that, a levelwind float fishing as I do now, and tossing spoons. Don't fish the spoons too often anymore, but I have begun to fish the fly quite a bit lately.

I started spey casting this last year, and really worked at learning the art this fall. Generally I pack my pin and my single hander in the fall for coho and steelies. I never really got into spoon fishing, aside from donating a few here and there to the river.
fisherforever said:
All my salmon fishing this fall was with spoons except for 2 weeks ago I changed over to jigs for chum. Had a great season ;D
The point of this thread is to share the gear used to catch these fish! not just i used spinners! What about the rod/reel line weight ect Thats what i'm looking for!

for the first few years SINCE i have started fishing other methods besides bar'fing I fished with a 10'6 Berkeley Specialist and an Abu 6500C3 Had great times. Now i fish a TFO 3113 pin rod with a Streamside ball bearing pin reel. sure been fun since i switched over to a lighter setup. I fish wool, roe, blades and of course THE FLY quite a bit. Im not listing all my fly rods :happy: :happy:

Guess I'd better add what I use for gear ;D For tossing spoons its a Shimano Curado DSV300 on a Lamiglass Dave Vedder Pro, Abu Record 60 on a custom Fenwick Blackhawk 1264, Milner Kingfisher on a custom 13' Rainshadow spey blank done up for the pin and a Shimano Symetre 4000 spinning reel on a 9" Fenwick HMW. Sometimes I even use the fly gear, Lamson Velocity 3.5 on a Fenwick HMXF 9' 8 wt. with a Rio versatip.
Alright, the spey is a sage 8126-3 greenie with a ross cla, my pin is a sage 3113 with a ilsander steelheader rigged with 15lb maxima. The single hander is a scott voyager series 9' 9 weight with a pflueger trion reel and multi tip line. I just bought a redington rs4 10' 8weight single hander with a cdl reel that I plan to use when the scott is a little much .Wool, jigs, roe and artificials are my staples when pinning and big black patterns for the fly rods.
i myself use the pin either my kingfisher or hardy coupled to the 2106LB or 3113MB under a float.As for bait i mainly use roe chunks,bags...when it comes hardware
i just started useing doubled up blades in combos of brass and silver(riverman)special
before that it would be hammerd brass or silver blades,i've had decent sucess with the fly under the float as well from time to time but dont use it to often.
other wise i have a 8'6"HMX for tossing all other hardware like spoons and vibrax in blue or silver in size 4
Way back when, my terminal set up would consist of a 10'6 drift rod outfitted with what ever I happend to be floating ( the usual suspects, blades roe, wool ;)) off a 10 pound Maxima leader and 12 pound mono main line. I think I still have a set up or two collecting dust in the garage. ::) ;D Now my salmon fishing is done exclusively with a fly set up. Single handed and double. Usually consitsting of a 10 foot 8 wieght single hander and a multi tip line system, with various tips and flies depending on where I find myself.

Finder :beerchug:
Ok right...sorry ck, My pin rod is a custom 3113 LB, silex superba reel...generally using 12-15 lb mainline and 6-10 lb test. My Fly rod is a sage FLI 10' 8 wt with a cheap anodized sage reel so I can use it on the ocean as well. The old set up is a shimano rod, all the stats on it wore off years ago so i can't tell you any more about it. Ditto on the reel, I think its a diawa millionare series...
I'm a fly guy-I don't even own any gear. I fish a single hander - 7 wt 9' 6" custom built GLooomis (built it myself) matched to a Dragonfly Kamloops reel and over lined with an 8 wt Rio windcutter Versitip. When I am 2 handing, its a Loop Blue Line 9140 with a Pfleuger Trion and a Rio Versitip - either a Windcutter or a Skagit line.
I am either on the pin or fly rod. Steelheader Pin, Gold, , matched with a Trophy Royal 11'3" - 15 lb main - 8-10lb leader. Chucking the usual wool, spinners and roe.....with the occasional worm, jig etc... This season the fly bug bite me hard, I prefer now using my Echo 10ft 8Wt loaded with the rio versatip in a 9wt on a Loop evotech 5eight reel. I am always carrying two rods with me now and I need to make myself a nice double rod holder!
My setups consist off a sage 2106lb with a shamanio calcutta TE with 12lb ultra green, another 2106lb for the Islander searun 12lb ultra green, a 3113lb for the Islander steelheader 15lb ultra green and a 5120b for the pin.

The vest is loaded with all the goodies. You name it and I probably have it with me....

Fly rods that I use are Thomas & Thomas 6weight 3 piece 10ft also T&T 8weight 10ft both with Islanders and rio versa tips.

Spey rods are scott and sage....
I feel so getto with my setup's everyone seems to be pin heads or fly chuckers! when i started drift fishing i wasn't very rich hence the shimano convergance and the Fenwick HMX!Whenever Rib lets me cast his pin setup ;D i just might get hooked on the pin setup! But then again i may not! ;D

CK as long as you have a rod,reel,line and hook you catch fish. As you know.It really doesn't matter what your gear looks like. Good or not they are just tools for work... :cheers: sage
If you're really interested in taking the plunge CK, I'll let you cast my setup, and the girlfriends setup as well...she's fishing an Islander now... ;) Just don't tell her I let you use it... ;D
It's Ok CK I'll still be your friend ;) Ive had the same Berkley specialist for about ten years now, with a Shimano Catala, This year I did upgrade to a ambass. 6500 though and in the end of Oct bought one of Fred's generic bait casters after missing the set on a dozen or so hits ::) The line is standard 14 with a 10 or 12 leader. Roe chucker by habit, though also had good sucess drifting colorado's and a couple other pieces of magic hardware this fall. Maybe it's time for a change, but why mess with a proven system. Although this whole spey craze does seem intresting :confused:
Crazy D
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