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Apparently Mr. Penner and Co. are so committed to steelhead conservation and management that in the not so distant future Region 2 Steelhead biologist Greg Wilson could very well find himself re-assigned to fisheries management scenarios that don't include the very species he's worked so hard to protect. Believe you me; we are a stones throw away from becoming the first steelhead bearing management area to find itself without the support of a dedicated steelhead biologist.
Might I recommend that everyone reading this thread determine the identity of their MLA. If you’re a lousy detective just go to (http://www.leg.bc.ca/mla/3-1-1.htm) and determine who will be the recipient of your call.

As is the case with any political issue, your willingness to become involved has the equal and opposite effect of doing nothing. Change the future or sit back and get bullied around: the choice is yours; it’s only a phone call

P.S. my MLA is Naomi Yamamoto and she’s a fisherperson
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