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Money's Pool

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I ran into a guy doing a creel census on the Cowichan last week. We got to jawing and the subject of access to money's pool came up. He said that the province was pushing in a trail that would come out several hundred yards below the ash river. He said that access to money's pool should be restored by mid-summer.

Has anyone else got any info on this?
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I wasn't aware that access from the road was blocked. I drifted the Stamp last month and there were a couple of anglers fishing from the bank at Moneys- they had to get there somehow. Perhaps this thread should be moved to Vancouver Island section?
Yeah the property was bought a while ago and construction is well under way. The old road was blocked as it crossed through his land and he is too much of a prick to realize its a world renowned fishing hole. My fishing buddy and his dad are members of the steelie society and are raising a stink about it so the rumour is probably true that an alternative access road/trail will be built. You can still access it by foot if you walk around the property, you just cant get a drift boat into it anymore from there.
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