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More Adventures in Steelheading...

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:eek: :eek:

You think it would be obvious that you were there to fish? At least they got the SOB that almost ruined your day!
Wow Rib, thats absolutly crazy. Bet you won't forget that trip any time soon. Glad to hear that they got the perp.
Too bad about the no access, they were still there today looking for sumpin, so I hear ;).
No skin search, Huh?...........Wow! Now That's excitement!!...Nice read buddy....too bad when that happens. Did you happen to type that out a little faster than normal?. ;)...........Ortho 8)
I must say, it was one of the weirdest days I've had in a long time...you don't see that too often... :eek:

I'll also add that I have never, ever, seen bait as fantastic as that which Steelie99 had for our day. That is truly high quality stuff to say the least...man, that stuff puts my roe bags to shame...I definitely learned quite a bit from steelie, and am looking forward to getting a chance to make amends for this trip, as things did not turn out the way we had planned...obviously... ;D

That kind of excitement I can do without.

Good thing they didn't opt for Cavity search :eek:
Thats crazy!!!! Musta had your guys hearts just a pumping.
Wow, that must have been quite the experience!! :eek:
yeah, the dreaded cavity search, is that where you left those roebags rib??? ;D
I'am just glad we made it home with the minor scratches, good thing the situation with the cops went the way they did, that was awesome what a rush!! ;)!!!!! :eek: ;D
Rib " you the man! what a fun trip ! I'll be talking to you soon!!

..."we're just a couple of fishermen...!"... :eek: :eek:


That was #@#%$^ hillarious!!!! After the fact of course... ;)
Totally nuts there Rib!! :eek:

Man those dogs are hard to outrun ::)

What the ? Ribwart do you guys just attract that kind of element. Last post the finding of a stolen, then having one of partners stolen the same day, then this. Remind me if I see you guys on the river to fish away, far far away. :D :D. Have been away from the forum for a while, but good to see some great reads and alot of new members.
Crazy D
There are several areas in the lower mainland that are dumpsites for stolen cars and other areas like the chwk. valley where they are constantly being broken into. The police are aware of these areas and I am happy to see they are stepping up the patrols in the high crime areas.....Ortho 8)
"HANDS UP IN THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!! PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!", the first officer yelled out.
Hey Rib,
Reminds me of the time a conservation officer at Landstrom Bar was not getting the cooperation he wanted from two punks fishing in a closed area. ;D
Holy crap rib and steelie99! And to think i was going to go with you on that outing! hahahahahahah i bet you guys were like WTF! Nice and kinda funny read! All in a days fishing huh? Rib did you guys do the pontoon thing? I just recieved HOOK'S and Wagonmasters cash for the calender when hook told me about your outing! Unreal! And rib just as i had met up with you a few days back at Guilford station pub and you and steelie99 were leaving, did you manage to get any food from the pub? just as we got there the kitchen closed so we got no food so we left to boston pizza!

Hey Crazy D...long time no see...good to see you're back and getting ready to fish again soon, november huh? Bumber....

and yes, it seems i am attracting a lot of trouble and circumstance lately...wish I could turn all this extra curicular stuff into more steelhead hooked...

yeah ck...weird day to say the least....no food, just tied roe bags, chatted it up and got ready for the day ahead...was a beautiful day, with beautiful bait, some really stressed out cops, and only a very few fish....

oh well, there's always next time... ;)
After we saw you ribwart. we got a big fat chrome hatchery skunk ;Did you hit anything. Kind of slow today. I haven't heard of alot.
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