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More visible sturgeon tagging

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I was just thinking why sturgeon tags aren't more visible so the average Joe could document the Fish Code Number, Size, Date and Location and if no tag present we could insert a dorsal tag that could be purchased with instructions or a course on how to insert them could be offered in order to obtain tags. Later we could enter the data at a web site. Once the data is entered you could see and monitor how many times that fish has been caught plus future release data could be viewed years down the road. We could sort of adopt the fish we catch. With so many sturgeon fishers out there so much more data could be collected.

In some countries Billfish are being spaghetti tagged in tournaments and charters instead of killing them so more accurate data can be collected because of it. :thumbup:
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Re: More visible sturgeon tags

awesome idea!
Re: More visible sturgeon tags

Part of the $25 plus tax we now pay to catch White Sturgeon above Mission could go towards setting up a website for the monitoring. :2cents:
Re: More visible sturgeon tags

An other thought. Make tag readers more affordable as I understand they are now around $500. $50 to $100 I would buy one. At 1-7 fish an outing we could contribute a lot of data. The fish don't even have to be removed from the water, no damage. The migratory data could be invaluable.
Good idea Fish. The only thing is dfo would really have to monitor who they allow to tag these fish, what if a weekend warrior picked up a tagging kit, got all liquered up, next thing you know the poor dino looks like something from downtown. ;D
Maybe they could set out some kind of qualifications questionaire, and roll with it like that. They had a program like that back I believe in 84, 85 on the vedder, were you filled out a daily fishing report, what you caught, where and how many, at the end of the season you turned in your booklet and recieved a cute little lapel pin.
The more people out there helping with a program like this would help benefit the research on the sturgeon and their patterns and maybe how they are effected by actions on the river.
Like you said if we are out there why not try to help understand more about a fish many of us are so passionate about.
Crazy D
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Very Good Idea!!
SteveO and I were just talking about that the other day. Between our buddies, we have landed well over 60 fish this year. You would think DFO/MOE would jump at the thought of anglers doing the data collection for free! However, they are probably more than happy to waste money on thier own studies that just get put on the back shelf and forgotten.
I would be more than happy to keep records and submit it to benefit these fish.
My :2cents:
Finseeker, you gotta get out more, 60 sturgies?.........................dont use size 4 hooks anymore, go 5/0-7/0.

I think they should have a tag that allows you to read about sturgeon on the internet, that way we could have some extra money for the tagging.....

or perhaps we need a tag ,to get a tag, for reading about sturgeon tags..................geesh this is waaaay to complex.
I was being conservative on the numbers.
finseeker said:
I was being conserative on the numbers.
Yeah he only counts 6 footers or bigger :thumbup:
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