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The weather has been beautiful this week; Feb. 27- March 2.
The fishing has been great too. The redfish have been bitting good. But there are still a lot of little trout. Sometimes It seems like they never grown up, but we know that is not true. I believe the little trout are just quicker to chase the bait. The big trout are out there in schools just like the little trout, but they don't always bite as fast.

If you get out early in the morning you will make some good catches of trout and redfish. This time of year you have got to try different kinds of bait; live and artificial. Don't be afraid to try something new. I actually caught a trout on a piece of my white T-shirt by tearing a small strip off and tieing it to the hook. So try anything you think might work and then try everything else.

If you can't get out early, try a late afternoon trip and fish up past dark. Sometimes, they bite better late in the afternoon than they do in the morning.

There are some huge black drum in the Haulover Canal. It was a good school too. So just grab your tackle and pole and get out on the water. The fish are out there. And take a friend or a family member, even if you don't catch a fish every hour you just can't beat the time you spend on the water.

You are making great memories. So, go fishing!

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