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Mosquito LagoonPole And Troll Zone

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I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see how much the pole and troll zone is going to help fishing! I believe it's going to take a little time, but not too much, until you start seeing more gator trout on the flats in the zone. I can remember when you would see more gators than redfish on the flats.

Sure everbody doesn't agree with the idea of only poling or trolling the flats, but think of it this way; you wouldn't hang around your favorite resturant in the country if there were a giant lawn mower running over your head every time you went to dinner there. Sure, to start with it's going to take more time to look for fish. But, I believe in a few years it will be better for all. Bigger trout will be caught and in less time. It will save on gas, equipment and time spent fishing.

It will take a litte time to educate the people about the zone. That is where we can all help get the word out, about both of the zones in the Mosquito Lagoon.

The jack carvelle are showing up in the Lagoon. They are great fighters. You can tell when you hook a jack because all they want to do is circle the boat. As far as eating; I am told they make the tastiest fish cakes you could ever want to eat. I presonally like my fried redfish and trout. Fried might not be all that healthy... but fried fish is where I make an exception!

There are still a lot of reds around. On trips eairlier this week my clients caught 21 reds and 15 reds and six trout respectively.

The trout are about to turn on as soon as the wild bait shows up.

Reds, tarpon, jacks and black drum are still strong around the power plants.

Jacks are also strong around both causeways in New Smyrna.

Try to go fishing more, and take someone with you. When you are out on the boat with a hook in the water, relax and just forget about your problems.

Good fishing to everyone!

Captain neal Goodrich
Captain [email protected]
(386) 690-0473
(386) 345-1006
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