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Most confedent setup

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Tell me-us the Go To Rig for trolling: flasher color, lth of leader, spoons, bait, hootchies, or plugs :thumbup:

For me it's green & chrome Apex flasher, min 4ft 30lb Maxima leader, lime green & white 4in coyote spoon or green tiger cuttle fish hootchies with my custom tied flashaboo skirt :yummy:
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Red Hot Spot Flasher, 54" 30 lbs maxima UG, green anchovie special, 5.5" anchovie, tight spin....or
Green Hot spot Flasher, 42" 40 lbs Maxima UG, glow white hootchie.

Both of the downrigger.

A lot of people may scoff, because they think they're just for Sockeye. Durring the summer when all the species of Salmon are present, the best all around gear may be the pink MP15 hoochie. The reason I say this is beacuse it will take all species and when the fishing is slow it covers all the bases, maximising your chances at a fish. This isn't just a Soco lure, if I had to guesstimate, I'd say I've caught hundreds of Chinook over 20 pounds on this hoochie over the years. Of those springs probably a dozen or more were Tyee class.

Red flasher, 42-45" leader (40lb test) pink MP15 hoochie with pearlescent mylar insert.
Pretty much a green flasher and Hootchie guy.
Allthough i think im running my leader a little shorter by the looks of things.
Glow white or green and white with mylar twinkleskirt.

Great post by the way. :thumbup:
check out my skirts
I use a nylon vacuum hose 1/16 ID that I clamp on my fly tying vise & tie salt water flashaboo (many colors under the rainbow)& when I'm dun I move the tube forward, cut the finished skirt & tie another color and so on

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Plug-cut herring with one 3/0 barbless hook, 10 1/2' leader and a 2 to 4 oz. sliding mooching weight.

I'd have to say depends where I'm fishing so I'll limit it to one area... ...... But..if I had to give my "top 2" for bait and tackle categories... .... when nothing is working and all else "should be working"...

I like Herring---teaser head or not....2nd choice would be anchovies.

But...for tackle...again...depending on the location and time of year....... but a "green/glow" Coyote 4.0 or 5.0 spoon behind a flasher gets 'em no matter where I've found.

If I'm into more tackle..then I'd be camped out here typing all night...

But the coast over...those are my "picks".

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I'd say it is the ubiquidous green hoochie behind a flasher... a green flasher usually but the lure colour always been more important than the flasher to me.
My other favorite is the blue peal 2 1/2 oz. Zzinger. It would be my first choice but with all the hunting you have to do around Vancouver to find the fish, drift fishing not the best method. However, if there are fish that colour and lure will catch them when fished right.
Have fun, Jason
Let's see... a NET... A BIG HONKIN NET..you know...like the ones those seine boats use... :confused:
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