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If any of you are heading up to northern Van. Island (Port Hardy) People are gettin Pinks and a few coho on the fly at the mouth of the quatse river (Fishing the ocean part of it on the in coming tide) The river itself is quite low still, went for a walk down the river lastnight and saw nothing


There has been a grizzly bear sighted on and around the nimpkish river - There trying to track the bear down and remove it from the island - Its been reported that the grizzly is form the main land and travelled from island to island untill it got here, this is the first grizzly sighting in about 10 years some of the locals said. It was spotted by 2 hikers on the nimpkish river !!!

Use some caution if your gonna be roaming the rivers around Port Mcniell and Port Hardy

make sure you have bear spray and or bear bangers even though it may not help entirly but you never know
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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