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Murphy Lakes

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Anyone been up there this year, wondering if the fishing is any good??
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Drove past there in early June and wondered the same thing. I've heard good things but too chicken to commit a day there when other productive lakes are so close at hand. May next year when I've got two months off to spring fish. Just kidding, but a guys can still dream, eh? LOL.

Are you asking about the 2 Murphy Lakes near Tulameen? If so we had no luck early this year. No one else was fishing there either for some reason.
You may have a better chance for more info if you post on the region 8 board?
Hey B-Daddy....Pretty new to BC so I don;t know the area well I was up there last spring and we had a couple real good days there, but i was wondering what other lakes real close at hand you were talking about, I am planning on hitting up that area this weekend, PM me if you have some info.


Check your PM's.

I'm heading that way dirt biking today, I was wondering the same thing. I will try to talk to someone up there and get the lastest info on the lake. I fished it last year at the end of may and did pretty good.
Went there yesturday to Murphy Lakes. I ended up going to the further lake from the coke. I was shocked to notice that there was a gate blocking the road, that even a dirt bike could fit through. There was two cabins that I think were built some what recent there. I talked to a guy, and he said there was no way to get down to the second lake, except if you launch a boat from the first lake. Sorry no info on the lake!

fish on jeff
Well had a great trip, I heard the dirt bikes yesterday, the weather was super....

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