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Normally we spend 1 week at the Kispiox and 1 week at the Morice, but due to the ridiculous 'entrance fee' First Nations ask there for being on their reserve ($100 a day per person and another $100 for the pontoon), we decided this time to spend our time totally at the Morice. As aliens we cannot fish the river during the weekends, so that time should be spend at some lakes.

We arrived Saturday September 7 and the Sunday was an easy day on a lake where some 10-12 inch rainbows were caught on light tackle.
The first week the temparature was hot, very hot! Up to 30 degrees Centigrade, the water was very clear and the fish were spooky.
We saw so much fish moving upstreams without paying any interest in our flies. Sometimes they passed us within 3 ft!!!
The 2 of us hooked 7 steelhead and landed 4 during our 5 days on the river, all 6-10 pound fish on our 500-540 grain Switch rods.
As expected the Black&Blue leech on tube was very popular.
We met some hunters from the lower mainland and they were kind enough to help us a few time with a shuttle so that we could use our pontoons a few times.
That week we did not see many other anglers and jetboats on the river.
The next weekend we did again some lake fishing and sightseeing and I visited the Swinging Flies presentation from April Vokey in Smithers. I met April earlier that week at the Morice and she is a lovely lady and a nice person.
The second week the temperature was better! Normal for the time of the year and the fishing was also better.
That week we hooked antother 18 steelhead and landed 10! Again the B&B leech was the best choice. However this time the fish were a little bigger, I guess 10-12 pound an 1 of about 16/17 pound!
One day we realy hit the jackpot, within 3 hours we hooked 10 steelhead and landed 6!
During our 2nd week the angling pressure was much higher and so was the presence of jetboats!
We only managed to get 1 shuttle with our pontoons.
We did best upstream KM38.

Of course I do have pictures, but I also have a short video of the largest steelhead:

Normaly we stay in Houston, but this year we stayed in some cabins near Francois Lake. That was a mistake because we had to drive 60km to reach the Morice near Owen Flats, and I rather spend that time fishing.
Lake fishing was however not really what I hoped for. Last year we had really fun on Rainbow Alley during the weekend and caught nice rainbows up to 23inch and lots of sockeyes.
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