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I just returned from my annual 2 weeks to the Skeena tribs, in search of some wild steelhead on the fly.
We started on Sept. 22 at the Morice and the 3 of us fished for 2 days there. No steelhead, some coho only.
So we went to the Copper, fished 1 day with the fly. No fish caught although the reports were not too bad.
The local tackle shop in Terrace said that most steelhead were caught by gear fishermen.
Lakelse River was loaded with pinks and big cohos, but the coho were hard to catch. Most were caught with spoons but some took our flies.
I landed 1 nice 37 inch buck steelhead there.
So off to the Bulkley. We hooked some small steelhead there. 4-8 pound size, all small bucks.
But they also were slow there.
Finally, our last week to my favorite river, the Kispiox.
The truth? Some steelhead were caught, mostly by gear fishermen.
The Kispiox was rather high and a little coloured. We fished the Kispiox for 3 days and one of my friends caught a Bulkley size steelhead.
Everybody on the Kispiox was complaining about the numbers of steelhead.
I know flyfishing for steelhead is hard, very hard. But I do that now for 17 years and with 4 people we normally have at least 4-6 strikes a day!
The reason?
Commercial netting for sockeye in the mouth of the Skeena?
Global warming? A late run? I don't know.
Nature is changing.
I just hope the run is late. Otherwise something more structural is happening and I hate to think that the beautifull wild stock of Kispiox steelhead is disappearing.
The day before we left we heard from some anglers from Washington that the Morice gave them some nice fish, 10 day after we were there.
I'm back in Holland now, dreaming about the future.............

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Thanks for the report Bramsplace, nice to get an honest view. :beerchug: My annual to the Skeena was cancelled because of similar reports, hope things get better for next year.....missin' the north :'(

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Thanks for the report. Sad to hear the numbers are just not there anymore. I would say overfishing with seiners and gill netters is to blame. Our gov't caved to some unreal pressure for openings without thinking of the long term effects of the steelhead fishery. Also bycatch of salmon, steelhead are supposed to be revived on board and released back into the ocean or river but it's sad to say that most are just thrown overboard without revival. Now look at us, :2cents:


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Thrown overboard or stashed in a secret compartment under the boat deck. ::) :wallbash: :pissed:

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