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Left Horseshoe Bay on the 27th am on a wild windy ride over to Naniamo. Wow! those winds were strong, rockin the Queen of oak bay like it was a tiny pleasure craft! Arrived at the lodge around noon after all the ferry delays. Had enough time to make some drifts at the gun club before dark, but didnt manage to hook anything. Next mornin we were awokin to the 645am wake up call, and seated to a huge breakfast, coffee, and oj. Our guide showed up at 7 30 and we followed him to the boat. The weather was forcasted for sun and fog, and it was real thick fog that mornin! Started fishin at the confluence and had action on the first cast!! Couldn't believe it! At this rate, it was goin to be a good day! Moved up the Sproat only a few hundred yards and picked off 6 or 7 in 20 min! It was awesome! Bout 11 oclock it seemed to die off , so we went up the stamp and worked the river hard from the bucket down. There was way too much pressure above the bucket, honestly there was alot of shore guys and boats all over the river! We worked that river with some good drifts in all the spots that you would think would hold fish, but not a sniff! We returned to the spots that gave us all the action in the mornin, and nothing! So we didnt end the day on a highnote, but the early am was non stop action!Thats steelheadin for ya! What an amazing day though! To experience fishing off a jet boat, getting over top of the fish, casting in waters i would never think would hold fish, but had our floats goin down!Our guide was very experienced and put into a bunch of fish! We fished the next day on foot, starting at the campground. First cast, i hooked a 8-9 lb wild hen on a colorado blade and that was the only fish of the day! Worked a few seams and pockets until the weather turned real ugly and we make our way back to Naniamo to catch an early ferry. Murphys was an awesome experience and well worth the trip! Cant wait to return!
Tight Lines
Vedder next weekend!
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