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The summers were released about a month ago and the number I believe was 400! With all the high water from tthe heavy rains at that time winters started to come in early and in good numbers too. If you were lucky enough to get there, fishing was good. Now with the river high the winter runs don't like to come in on such high water and if they do come in they shoot through the lower end very quickly and makes for poor fishing.If the this trend continues then winter run steelhead will likely slow unless river levels drop considerably.If we do get some dry weather and the river drops it should be some decent fishing again. That being said you never know with what fish are going to do next!theyy could do exactly the opposite of what I just said. Who knows you may have just had one of those days in between runs and the next day could have been exellant.With a full moon on the horizen it could all change..................................You know classic steelhead guessing!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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