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HotRod pretty well has it (except for being off in the number of clones run back down to the marina). It was 800 fish that were transported from holding at the hatchery down to the marina to run the gambit again. There were released one day before the first major storm smoked us here in Port. As a consequence of that storm, the water rose many feet VERY quickly! Turned out there was quite a few winter runs poised to enter the system at exactly the same time, and rode that crest right up into the system. As this was during the hunting season, I only got out on it a couple of times. Suffice it to say, the fishing was excellent! Between 3 rods, we landed 51 steelhead in 2 days, and a little better than half were winter runs (of those, about 2/3 were hatchery fish as well). As the water subsided, the fish scattered in the system, and fishing was pretty well decent all over...

Between the recent rains, and the HUGE tides associated with the full moon, the river is running at right near capacity. The steelhead may move in with the tides, but they scatter quickly, and certainly aren't in what one would call "traditional" holding spots. Couple that with the viz being on and off nearly every single day, and she's been a bit of a tougher go the last few.

This has been an unusual year, both in the early arrival of good numbers of winter runs (November??) and storm after storm pounding the area, and delivering a lot of water. Hoping that she settles down a bit now, and allows the river to drop and clear. When that happens, it should be Game On once again!

And I'm right looking forward to that!!

Nog - Housebound with the flu since New Beers :'(
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