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Hey Mad_Genie. I grew up in Nanaimo (now in Victoria) and fished all the local lakes and rivers with my friends. Used to fish in Brennan Lake from the shore next to a creek just past the juvenile detention centre. Mainly fished Long Lake as thats where I lived. Caught trout on the fly but there are also some really big small mouth bass in there. Best spot for Bass was a lake south of Nanaimo in Cedar (cant remeber name) but it was a blast catching them on poppers.

Caught steelhead in the Nanaimo River but that was awhile back. Also fished the little qualicum (Steelhead, Sea-run Cutties) and Stamp which aren't too far away.

Did really well catching salmon from shore at a place called Rocky Point off of Hammond Bay Road (I think?). Your casting from small cliffs so fly fishing would be out. Use buzzbombs and jigs. Watch out for the seals. I remember a guy caught a 40lb but most were around 10-15lb. These fish are fresh though!!!

Hope this helps.
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