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I have a 7' 6" fiberglass rod with "Silver Tip" Cowichan & the serial #38122068 which are all kind of hand written above the handle cork.I thought it may be a Lamiglass but after checking out their web site I'm lost on the manufacturer.The rod was my deceased dads and he probably purchased it in the early 70's.The rod seems extremly well built and the furrells and windings are in very good condition.The 1st furrell above the handle is 7/16" ID and the the others taper down to 1/4".The lowwer handle section is 9" and top is 6".I donn't have a reel with it.Is this strictly a trolling rod or could I use it on the Fraser and what would be a suitable make/style of reel?Thanks in advance for any insights.
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