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Need some help or Info

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Hi All
I am looking at a few boats that may suit my needs, for the Fraser River, Cultus Lake & Nootka Sound.
The boats are Lund Tyee series 17-18ft
Fisher, Fish Hawk 18.5ft
Tracker Targa 18-19ft
all with minimum115hp
I know they are good enough for the first two but are they good and safe enough for Nootka.
Anyone with any experience of these boats 2004 and newer?
Any KNOWLEDGABLE input would be welcome. I like all three but am not sure about their ability from Gold River to Nootka as it can get a wee bit lumpy.
Thanks to all, and this is a great new/recent forum topic, thanks BERGLER :thumbup:
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I'm from Alberta but I,ve been to the coast several times with my 21 ft 225 hp campion. The first thing you got to have is "RESPECT" for the ocean, it doesn't matter how big your boat is the ocean can make it look pretty small in a hurry. Alot of the resorts have boats under 20 ft so all your choices will do if you be carefull.

Just my opinion

Conan :beerchug:
I had a 17' Lund prosport, and used it all over, including Van Isle West coast. As Conan says have respect for the ocean. Also listen to the weather reports before you go out. I also agree with Conan as to the resorts. I have fished the west side of the Charlottes in a 17 footer at a resort. Although some of the resort 17 footers are very solidly built, much more designed for the ocean. It's not that bad but you need to keep your wits about you. Have a good VHF, flares and all the required stuff. And if you are out and the weather changes don't be afraid to get off the water. My Lund had a fairly low transom, so watch the following seas. Also if you can, go with another boat. Saying all that I enjoy saltwater fishing so much I sold my Prosport and bought a deep vee glass boat. My prosport didn't have enough freeboard for me to feel comfortable when things got snotty on the west coast. I found that when fishing in the snotty weather I had to back up and push my back agaisnt the windshield to get enough stability to play a fish.
Good luck.

Big Svend :2cents:
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Just took my 18 foot alumi to swiftsure but it's foam filled, on a good day a 16 footer will do fine, depends on the winds.
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