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need your expertise

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Float Tube, Gunnison

I found it at Canadiantire. Is it really good for lake or river fishing?

Will it last long? How can we move it on the water?

I know I am asking too much, but I do need to listen to what you say.

I like its nickname: poor man's boat. I am poor. :D

Thank you in advance
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Don't know the brand, but if you try any float tube in the river, you can be in for a world of problems. If you want something that is good for both lake and river, you should probably be looking for either a decent quality pontoon boat or possibly a high sided pram with with a swept back bow and stern. Either way you will be into more $ than a float tube.
Here is a website of that brand
Here is what you will need

Chest waders
P.F.D.(personal floatation device)

and you will have lots of fun on the lakes :D
please do not use on rivers :?
float tube or belly boat is usually a circular air bladder (the most durable are truck inner tubes) contained in a fabric shell. The angler, usually clad in neoprene waders sits on a seat buil into the fabric shell and propels the craft around still water with the use of fins worn on the feet. They are great for smaller lakes and ponds. They are definitely not intended for flowing water. With reasonable care and attention even a cheap model should last many seasons. Having said that, remember that this is a water craft that will take you into water deep enough and far enough from shore to get you into serious trouble. I always use a pfd when I'm in a tube or pontoon boat. I have mustang SOSpenders, which cost more than my tube, but I feel its a good price to pay in order to come home at the end of the day.
thank you all !!!

Now I know it is too complicated for me to enjoy using it. I will probably wait and get a second hand boat for good.

This forum is awesome
Guess I won't be giving hin a deal on my tube/fins I have for sale :wink: .....Ortho 8)
Just to add abit more safety try to float tube with two or more people I have a u-tube wich i find safer than the circular tubes as it is easier to get in and out of :?
Plus it has an extra inflated area at the back :D
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