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nets in the canal

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i was told a disturbing story yesterday by two fisherman on the vedder that they swear is true.........i have not been up there for 3 weeks so this is the first i have heard about this......they said that the canal has recently been netted off for 2 straight days resulting in huge numbers of steel taken.......hatch and wild......and that the fish are being sold in the wack area......sad if true but again this is what i was told
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The media would be all over that in the Wack area, if that was true. Nets in the Fraser maybe but in the canal not likely.
Its a fact! They are out there neting! I saw it with my own eyes! They have been setting them up in the canal!
So where in the canal is this done?
why would natives want steelhead ??? there all about the salmon, I dont beleieve it at all
Well I guess if they are down flow of the triangle, it's classified as the fraser. Tells you how concerned they are about conserving fish stocks though doesn't it. If you have been through there in the last few months you would know one net can go across the entire channel. Is there not laws against blocking access routes.
That just gets my blood boiling even the thought of it. :mad: :mad: I have seen them in the summer, but never during steely season. That just ain't right
Crazy D
<Editted by Stone> As previously dealt with under similar circumstances, and as clearly outlined on how we conduct ourselves in this forum, there will be no name calling or marginalization of any race groups on this site. Let this be a warning to all on this thread...further misconduct will be dealt with swiftly in order to maintain a friendly atmosphere here in BCFR. Thanks to all who have maintained their coolness under potentially distressing news about a much beloved fishery.
if Bergler said he witnessed this why would you not believe it ffreak
No wonder I haven`t been catching fish-lol I thought is was just me who is the bad fisherman.
Have any reports been filed with the RCMP and Fisheries?...Are there photos? Isn't the Fraser Valley office
in Clilliwack region?....Ortho
Whereabouts in the canal Rick? Down below the highway bridge...? Is this legal, does anyone know? I think we should confirm the legality of this and maybe take a pic or two, anyone fishing down that way the next few days...?
What!!!??? :mad:

This is insane.
I just got off the phone with DFO in Chilliwack, after checking for licenses or permits, I was informed that none have been issued for the vedder river. I was also told it may be a hatchery net, as appearently they do this all the time, and the net would be marked as such. I inquired as to the requirements if indeed a permit was issued, and was told that only a certain percentage of the canal could be blocked off and no fish could be "sold"...Any fish retained would have to be for ceremonial and food purposes only, if indeed it were a first nations net. I was assured that fisheries officers are going to check it out today. They have my info, so hopefully someone will get back to me on this matter. Before we freak out, let's wait to hear the specifics...
That's weird rib because 2 of my fish yesterday had net marks on them!! They really did !! :eek: ???


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Only two of the ones you got yesterday...eh? Well that's not a very high percentage, the nets can't be that bad... ;)
This is extremely disturbing....
I hope I am able to temper my remarks if we are informed that netting of steelhead is being done for any kind of retention other than hatchery managment.....
sage2106lb said:
So where in the canal is this done?
There was a net at the mouth of the river! I don't know who's net it was but it was there, I supose it could have been a Hatchery net.

You guys have to be careful with this one! If it gets too out of control it will locked down! Please be respectful! :)
I agree Bergler.

This is a horrifying report to say the least, and if it is true, I share the level of frustration and anger.

Let me prefice what I am about to write by stating that I am not First Nations.
However there have already been some blanket comments in this thread about First Nations people that could be severely damaging.

Let's not let the anger and frustration reflect poorly on this site!

*Also, not to give the usual, "props to Rib for the great reply," that is always sure to follow his posts, but seriously, Hats off to you Ribwart for showing the average local angler that there should be much more responsibility to this hobby of ours than just, Cast, Hook, Fight, Bonk. Cheers dude.
Thanks TC...

Well, DFO just phoned me back guys, in a pleasantly prompt and responsive manner I might add, and I was informed that officers took a boat all the way down to the mouth of the vedder. They did not observe any netting activity, or evidence of it being previously pursued, at this time. The officer I spoke with made it clear that this did not mean such activity had not occurred, and he added it may have been "weekend activity", and that they would look into it further over the next while. He further added that no permits had been issued for the vedder. It's great to see such a quick response from DFO, hopefully they find out who it was that did this, and resolve the issue before it happens again.

One other item of note, DFO was on this site, reading through this thread to get as much information on the issue as possible. It's great to see. Kudos for the quick and diligent response.
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