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Well after dropping my daughter off in Mission I thought that I would hit the mouth of the stave and chuck some spoons for pinks or at least see if anything was happening. Well to my surprise there was something happening. There where 3 natives ( 2 females and a male) netting the mouth of the stave. They had two nets on the go tied to the pillars of the train tracks and extending out into the fraser. Needless to say I did not even try to fish as those nets would of scoped up anything coming into the river. I watch them for a good 30min as two where in a canoe and the elderly women was sitting under a canopy. I left them alone and waited up by my car as the elderly women was walking up the trail and I wanted to make sure I got a good discription of their vehicle. Well I got a good discription and the plate number but I forgot my cell on the kitchen table. I jumped in my car and found a pay phone across the street and phoned DFO. I don't know if the netting was illegal but I thought just in case I better phone. Of course I only got a recording but I left the info anyways along with my contact info as well. I still can not believe they where netting but I guess I should not be surprised. I hope DFO does do something.
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