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Hello Rob

Sounds like Marquart Lake ;D . I remember fishing there the first time and thought we'd found the holy grail of lakes . 2 of us had 12 fish in about 2 hours , kept 2 , released the rest . Then went back 2nd trip , 3rd trip ,nothing LOL .

Brookies are AWESOME eating for sure !!

Happy fishing !!

allofthisforyou said:
My favourite fish to fish for so far has been brook trout. I caught a few ~three pounders on light tackle (7ft., med. action rod, ~1/4 oz lead weight, single hook, and some bait) while I was shore fishing off the bottom of a nameless (for the purposes of this thread) body of water a couple of months ago and I had a great time. They were some of the biggest (weight wise), most beautiful trout I've ever caught and they made great table fare... Unfortunately, a different friend of mine then the one mentioned above and I might have caught the last four fish in the lake because I went back there a month later, at the same time of day, and didn't even get a nibble... But maybe it was just the weather ;).
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