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photobucket, make an account and import your pics. it will give you instructions. then when your viewing your already uploaded pictures it should have a link on the right hand side of the screen that you copy and paste, it has a forums url that you put between these

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the easiest way to upload pics is to first upload them to a photo storing website like say PHOTOBUCKET which i use. then you just copy the IMG thing under the picture on that site then paste that into your report.

make sure you hit PREVIEW on your report here to make sure the pic shows up the first so that you now you did it right.

hint the thing under the picture im talking about is the very bottom one its should look something like this

blah blah blah [IMG] thats the tag you wanna use

hope that helpd


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Let me quote an earlier post by "Rib" :thumbup:, I cut and pasted it into Word then printed it for easy reference.

Ok...here's the way I do it...

First, create an account at photobucket. It's Free.

Then, access the photobucket site...here's the rest step by step...

- Under the title: "Upload Images & Video's" there is a light blue box with a darker blue border with the caption: "Choose an image (or a video)"...click on the browse button.

- Access the file on your computer through the pop window that comes up when you click browse, double click on the picture file you want to upload...

- You now have the option of uploading more pictures by clicking on the "Add more images" option in the same area of the photobucket site...new browse buttons will appear if you choose this option.

- At this point you also have the option of changing the size of the picture by clicking the "Uploading options" link on the same photobucket page. Just select the size you want your picture to be, be it avatar, webmail, or message board being the best three...for this site.

- When you're ready to upload your pictures, scroll down the page a little bit and click on the "Upload" button and let the site do its thing. Don't close the page, or view other pages while you do this unless they are in an entirely different window.

- Once the pictures are uploaded, scroll down the page till you see the picture you want to post, and you will notice three separate lines of code beneath the picture. Right click on the first one to highlight it and then click "copy"

- Now go to BCFR and "paste" what you copied in to your post...

-once pasted in, highlight this line of script and then move your mouse arrow over to the "image" icon above the text. It's the button just below the I button on your message editing page...

- Now you're ready, just click "Post" and your pic should show up...

Hope that helps,
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