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Anybody using those new Scotty trolling snubbers for their downrigger weights ?
Also the new braided line. I just picked up 2 spools of the line and realized the crimps used for the old stainless line won't work, are there special kits to attatch your cannonball to the line ? I'm sure there is I just haven't looked yet...
Also, with the braided line elimintating electrolosis, especially if combined with a plastic snap hook and/or trolling snubber, is this equivalent to a poor mans Black Box since the electric charge of your boat would be irrelevant ?
Curious on everyone's thoughts and experience with these and any other new items purchased.
Good luck this year the fishery is turning on fast.

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I have been thinking about the line but am not really for it. It is not that line does not work but nylon may be better. We gave up mooching to trolling with a rigger and we aren't going to give up wire for synthedic? So Scotty put out a line with no add vantage, 250lb test and the same diameter as the wire so the clip they sold you works... me I am going to void my warranty and try 50 or 80lb braided - half the diameter, with the same price.
Have fun, Jason

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The Snubbers are very well made units Scotty has branched out into a completely different kind of plastic.
In the past decent Snubbers were hard to come by as one small company made almost all of the units on offer.
Then I saw some Asian made ones that looked guaranteed to fail.

The Spectra is meant to be tied to your connection and the Palomar knot should be on the package.

Yes say goodbye to the electrical angle.
It's a mixed blessing as while Salmon won't be repelled by a hot charge neither will they be attracted by the proper one-something I've seen work many times.

If you're wondering whether to spend the dough for long lasting Spectra think of this-much innovation has come out of the Commercial fleet-who put in thousands of man hours a year trolling.
I know of no Commercial troller who's switched over and used it for a season yet-when one does I want to hear what he has to say.

Until then the jury is out.
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