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New riverflow...

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This is just a general question about the water just above corrections, as I hadn't fished the chedder in some time, I noticed last week that the river has split somewhere above the dayuse rec facility, and more than half the flow is now coming straight down the hill and not right next to the dike as before. I'm wondering has anyone from our site hiked in there and checked out the new water? How far up does the river split? Any info would be a great time saver, and thus much appreciated.... :D
Thanks in advance,
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About a k and a bit below Bordon Creek the river splits into 2 seperate flows and they continue on seperately past the Thurston Meadows camp/day use area. Rickets and I made the trek in on Sunday from Bordon all the way down..Very nice water....The two flows join briefly at the prison and then split off again...Hope this helps..

Finder :wink:
heh thanks fish finder, definitely helps... I'm headed up thursday and don't want to waste time looking around in there if there isn't much to shake a stick at...much appreciated...
Rib :D
Hey Ribwart , probably see you up there on thurs. look for a big grey older stye chevy, I'll keep an eye out. :shock:
Crazy D
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