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new to fishing, need help!!

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Hey there, i just got a small aluminum boat and ive been attempting to fish at some lakes in nanaimo. Ive been trying most recently at Brennan lake fishing for kokanee, but not having any luck. Does anyone have suggestions on what tackle to use, or any hints on what i might be doing wrong? Ive tried trolling with a small downrigger that has a 2lb weight on it, using a gang troller as well. No luck with that but i did have a couple small fish just spin casting with a wedding band spinner, a bobber and worm for bait. All tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
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try anchoring and sinking some krill to the bottom and reeling up a few cranks
willow leaf and a wedding band always work's good for me
Don't do much trout fishing myself, but heard that putting a fly on a float setup may entice a bite.
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