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New Zpey Rods

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I think these look ugly and awkward !!!! Take a look

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Kinda weird looking to me but I dont know anything about spey rods. The concept sounds logical. :confused:

There was some nice looking water in those videos.
I was casting those at the show in Denver.
They are actually pretty cool.
I have a bit of a gammy wing and they helped with that.
It is possible to tilt the casting plane and still get everything you need on it.
Great for the underhand style as the angle of the handle has you all set up and ready to go.
Keeps the arms in tight but the handle lets you have the pop at the end.
Don't know if I would switch over to them full time, but definately worth some consideration.
A client of mine brought on with him this year out on the water, He had a buggered shoulder from work and it was the only rod he could fish with relative comfort. I agree they are extremely awkward looking but they actually fish quite well. If my shoulder goes one day i hope that company is still around as it may be the only thing keeping me fishing

cheers OR
Hmmm I'm not sold. :-\, and I've seen these before. I know I'm not seeing the bigger picture pertaining to the idea and mechanics behind this rod. I just can't get over the look. :p

Finder :2cents:
That handle makes a lot of sense to me. I find the regular straight handles a little bit awkward when doing a double spey...almost feel like I keep poking myself in the belly. I'd love to try one out...but looking at the MSRP of those rods (over a grand), I think I'll stick with my regular rods. :)
those are some cool videos ;D the rod itself looks awkward but sure seems easy to use. I would love to go to a spey clave and try one out thats for sure. sure are pricey but hey all fishing rods are :beerchug:
The videos are nice, the rods dont looks so nice
..almost feel like I keep poking myself in the belly.

How big did you say your belly was? :happy:
LOL !!! I would like to try one but I dont think I could buy one they just dont look right to me !!
gkis said:
..almost feel like I keep poking myself in the belly.

How big did you say your belly was? :happy:
My wife is six months pregnant...it's sympathy weight gain. ;D

Actually, I don't have a six pack, but I don't have a beer gut either. :)

Is that you, George? It's been a while! Hope things are going well with you wherever you are these days. Guess who's on the internet at work tonight? ;D
Ooops! Surfing the internet at work :-[ had a very quiet night at work, a four bed ICU in Terrace.
Terrace-Steelhead Heaven is the place you want to poke your belly over and over again ;D. Would you PM me Gary's email address.
Baby on the way!!!! Congratulation :thumbup: my regards to Sarah!
I tried one at the spey clave down at Carnation, The concept is good but the rod itself is quite heavy and the handle IMHO is too big, square and awkward...I found I had to clutch it pretty tight to keep it from turning in my hand...
A little tweaking and it could be something worth looking at!!
Neat concept I guess, and if its helping people with buggered shoulders cast then right on. I will stick to the standard stick I think regardless. Im just learning on it and dont need to add another concept to confuse me more. :beerchug:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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