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Hey guys, although I'm pretty sure there aren't many people like me on this forum, I'm genuinely new to fishing. Anyway, I'm trying to plan a trip to a cabin on Garden Bay Lake this summer and am hoping to learn enough to make it successful. However, I'm having trouble finding a website that caters to people with practically no idea what they're doing. I came here hoping somebody would know of an inclusive website containing terminology, techniques, and guides for rods, line, lures etc. especially for trout and salmon. So far I've found that although some guides do exist, having virtually no knowledge of lures and techniques really limits their utility.

Any pertinent personal experiences or information would also be greatly appreciated. As far as I can tell there are five main lakes local to that area of the sunshine coast: Garden Bay Lake, Mixal Lake, Katherine Lake, Hotel Lake and Sakinaw Lake. The primary fish found are Cutthroat Trout and Kokanee Salmon. I know Hotel Lake has been stocked with a small number of cutthroats in previous years and was favoring fishing that one or Garden Bay lake as it's adjacent to the place we are staying.

I'd also be thankful for some practical knowledge as far as what types of areas to look for, what type of gear to use and maybe some favorite recipes if somebody has the time.
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Welcome to the site Kegger!

I think you'll find you've come to the right place for what you are looking for. There are a great bunch of anglers here who are always willing to give a hand in some way. I can't help you when it comes too lakes as I'm still a big river guy.If there is anything else I'm sure you'll get some help.Be more specific on your question or make good use of the search option.

A very good resource (besides this site) can be your local tackle shops. Where are you located?
I live in north vancouver
Go in and see Dave Steel at High Water Tackle.... its on Lonsdale at about 3rd... great guy.. lots of knowledge.. im over on the North Shore as well and get most of my info/tackle from them
Stop by trail bay sports in Sechelt. They should be able give you some more info. I lived up there for years but never had the urge for trout fishing. Katherine lake is the nicest lake of the bunch to camp at. My friend camped up there and got a 3lb trout using a wedding band. Although I have been told that the fishing there is lousy.

I`ve also seen people catching small trout just casting worms from shore at trout lake, that`s near halfmoon bay
the fishing is pretty good up on the sunshine coast in the spring, there is a lake that i have fished a few times that is just past the lumber yard on the highway by garden bay. if you stay on the highway northbound its on the west side about 300 M past lumber yard. its tough fishing when the weeds come in but i believe it is a fly only catch and release lake so there is good numbers. ive caught a couple of 16 inch cuttys there and a bunch in the 12 inch range. try trolling a green and black sparkle leech on a sink tip line. dont get frustrated if you are snagging lillies all the time, just keep checking your gear and it is all worth it. the north end is less weedy and after a couple of laps youll be able to find the deeper water.

ive fished sakinaw and had some fun years ago but i think the lake is having a bit of a rough go because of all the ski boats on it in the summer. i still try every year but am getting skunked more and more.

hope this helps
When I was a kid, I spent all of my free time in the Pender Harbor area. Most of that time was spent fishing the chuck, but I did put in quite a few hours on some of the local lakes as well. In the summer, Katherine lake is full of swimmers. Hotel Lake definitely has some fish in it, but they are hard to catch from a boat, and even harder from shore... but the hotel used to rent boats. I only fished Garden Bay lake once, with no success. I always had luck at trout lake. I was shore bound, but if you have a float tube or a small boat you should be able to do fairly well. I was just new to flyfishing in those days, and all I did was cast an Adams Irresistible dry fly, and wait for the rise. As far as equipment for this lake, and this area goes, I would definitely suggest a light fly fishing rig. A few Adams or tom thumbs as dry flies, a few leech patterns, and some muddler minnows should be all you need to catch trout up there.

If you have a chance to fish from shore or from a dock in the ocean up there, there is some great sea run cutthroat action to be had. My grandparents had a dock in Gunboat Bay, and I used to catch a lot of big cutties in there (I can't speak for the rest of the area though). Spinners or sparkly minnow flies always produced. I sometimes found these fish to be tentative, with two or three chasing and nipping at my offering. If this is happening, change the speed of your retrieve, and if that doesn't work, change your lure. If you fish from a dock, try casting towards the docks on either side of you, or casting up towards the shore and reeling back towards the deeper water. I never had as much luck casting out into the deep water... although that did seem to produce bigger fish. If you want to fish Gunboat Bay, there is a rough boat launch at the end of Narrows Road that will give you access to the beach. There is no room to walk the beach at high tide, but but if it's out at all you can walk under the private walkways and fish the beach for a long way in either direction; fishing is best on a rising tide. I also targeted these fish from a boat, fishing different areas of the bay, and all I can really say about that is: explore. They sold their place a few years ago, and I was pretty upset, but this is the first time I have really missed it up there in a long time. Have fun, and feel free to pm me if you want more details.
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correct me if im wrong but, the lake beside the highway might be paq lake.

Ambler: that sounds like a blast in gunboat bay, is there a creek that flows into the chuck there or is it just a spot the sea runs like to hang out. i would definetly be into giving that a try next time im up in that neck of the woods.
cool, thanks ambler. i will have to give it a try this year.
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