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My husband and I went last year in September. It took me quite a while to get information. We were looking to go to a camp or lodge but found that by September most of them were now looking at hunting rather than fishing so were either not interested or full of hunters. We were finally pointed to a fellow who did guiding in a small place just outside Cornerbrook on the west coast. We were his last customers for the season (mid September). The fishing was only catch and release and you had to have guide. They tried to discourage us as the fishing had been lousy but we were quite keen so went anyway.

We had a great time. Our guide was a great guy. He taught us a ton about river fishing. He helped us both improve our casting technique and distance. His motto was if you can't cast into a 30 knot wind, you can't cast! We stayed at their B&B and they fed us a ton of food. He took us out 8 hours a day on the Lower Humber River. He told us great stories in typical Newfie humour.

The end result was that I caught a 28lb salmon on a 5wt rod with a barbless hook and 12 lb test. Fish was released a little tired but fine! We would love to go back!

One thing we learned! We flew into St.Johns and then drove to Cornerbrook - a long trip! Now we know you can fly into Cornerbrook directly. We'll do it next time! Also we could have spent way more time there, west and east coast.

Hope you find what you're looking for!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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