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Sport fishing column for Oct 18 to 25, 2010

"In the best stories about fly fishing…big fish are caught, or lost; people say wild and spontaneous words; events become memory and sometimes; in the hands of a master, these bleed into art." Nick Lyons.

Our BC angler's begin their years in the cold, pursuing winter steelhead trout, moving to cutthroat trout in late winter. Spring brings lower mainland rainbow trout and as spring temperatures warm interest's moves to larger interior rainbow, spring Chinook salmon, and brook trout. Later when the summer heat bring lethargy to our cold water species, anglers look to alternate warm water tolerant bass, crappie, carp. Mid summer brings a change with the return of our prized sockeye, and in odd numbered years, pink salmon. At the end of these summer salmon runs, anglers find a resurgence of rainbow activity. In the fall through to winter anglers are treated to an onslaught of coho, chum, fall Chinook salmon, and summer steelhead. To end this all off in the doldrums of winter after the salmon runs and before the winter steelhead move, cutthroat are sought soughs and estuaries.

Over any year countless fish are caught and lost; large or small each one is a trophy, and a testament to things beyond the control of man. Don't measure your success or the value of your stories by the guys standing next to you on the river; you weren't there a week ago when they couldn't even buy a bite. In this game, one day you win and the next day you lose; no-one is exempt. So tell us your stories, everyone has at least one and we need to hear it.

The report

The fishing on our lower mainland lakes remains good. For wet (sinking) fly fishing try: Big Black, Nation's Black, Baggy Shrimp, Coachman, Cased Caddis, Halfback, Dragon Nymph, Carey Special, Zulu, or Doc Spratley. For dry fly fishing try: Tom Thumb, Renegade, Black Gnat, Foam Ant, Griffith Gnat, Royal Coachman, or Elk Hair Caddis.

Fishing on our interior lakes is very good also. For wet fly fishing try: Chironomid, Pumpkinhead, 52 Buick, Wooly Bugger, Micro Leach, olive Matuka, Butler's Bug, Halfback, Baggy Shrimp, Sooboo, Sixpack, or Green Spratley. For dry fly fishing try: Lady McConnel, Irresistible, Big Ugly, Double Hackled Peacock, Tom Thumb, Royal Wulff, Goddard Sedge, Sofa Pillow, or Elk Hair Caddis.

The Fraser River is good for spring, chum, and coho. For spring try: Kaufmann Stone, Eggo, Popsicle, Squamish Poacher, GP, Big Black or Flat Black. For chum try: Popsicle, Christmas Tree, Mat Green, Happy Hooker, Squamish Poacher, Big Black, Mat red, Eggo, or Holliman. For coho try: Christmas Tree, Rolled Muddler, olive Wooly Bugger, Coho Blue, Blue Christmas, Bite Me, Eggo, or Egg Sucking Leach

The Vedder River is good for spring, coho, and is closed to chum.

The Stave River is fair to good for chum, coho, and cutthroat.

The Harrison River is fair to good for spring, chum, coho, cutthroat and rainbow. For cutthroat or rainbow try: Rolled Muddler, Mickey Finn, Eggo, Tied Down Minnow, Kaufmann Black Stone, Professor, lioness, Coachman, Zulu, Chez Nymph, Black Gnat, Souboo, Irresistible, Elk Hair Caddis, or Stimulator

The Nicola River is good for rainbow.

You can find more at "The Reel Life Press" by Jeff Weltz.
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