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The water temperatures are now in the zone where the fish are eating everything they can get their fins on before the ice man cometh.
Reports from Lundbom are that black micro leeches are still the ticket for fish to 24 inches.
Roche is fishing with, you guessed it, micro leeches in varying shades as well as shrimp.
Dardenelles was giving up a few trolling with a willow leaf and flatfish or spinner.
Marquart is also producing some from shore with bobber and worms as well as flies. Yes the leech will work here to as well as chironomids and shrimp.
Don’t forget to try smaller dragons and damsels as well. These fishy delicacies are on the move again right now as well.
We don’t have that many days of soft water left, so get and enjoy it while you can.

Tight lines ( And straight shooting )
Fred Watts
Nicola Valley Outdoors

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